About Tribe

We bring families together through carpooling.

Tribe was originally founded as ZipShare in 2017! Our founders began carpooling through text and email and hated the process. As a result, Tribe was born.

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About us

Our company started back in 2017

Our founder, Rohan, started the company when he was in high school. His father and him had been looking for a carpooling group but struggled to find other families who lived near them. Eventually, they found a group. However, their challenges didn't stop there. Rohan's dad would constantly stay up late at night going through email chains trying to figure out what was happening in the group. After arriving late to school numerous times, Rohan thought there must be a better way and created Tribe! He now runs the company while attending The University of Chicago!

Our mission

Our mission is to reshape transportation through carpooling

With climate change becoming a growing issue, we think carpooling can be a powerful solution in helping our environment. Our larger mission is to not only introduce carpooling to schools but also corporations. We want to be the go to carpooling solution for anyone anywhere.

Our journey

It has been a long but incredible journey

Read our story about how we went from an app called ZipShare to our business, Tribe.


Tribe was founded as ZipShare

Tribe was originally founded as ZipShare in 2017! Our founders began carpooling through text and email and hated the process. They thought there must be a better way and started ZipShare, an iOS app.


Tribe joins Q-Zero Startup Incubator

Tribe was selected to participate in a startup incubator for young entrepreneurs from around the world. It was here where they began interviewing potential customers and learning more about parent and school needs.


Tribe sings its first design partners

After being shut down due to COVID-19, Tribe signed its first few contracts to help rebuild the product into a platform both on iOS and android.


Tribe officially launches

After a year of re-development, Tribe makes its official launch with its design patterns on both the apple and google play store. We are now available for use globally at any school.

Our Partners

We don’t walk alone, Tribe works thanks to our partners

We are immensely grateful to all the schools, parents, and kids using Tribe. Thank you so much for your support!


We love helping our partner schools reduce traffic congestion and reduce their transportation budgets.


Parents are what make Tribe possible. Thank you for choosing carpooling to get your children to school!


We hope that they love meeting other kids who go to their school through carpooling. Thank you!